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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Huawei device configuration for Celcom 3G broadband.

Huawei device configuration for Celcom 3G broadband.

  1. Refer to the manual on how to install the software and the driver.
  2. On your desktop, there will be a Mobile Connect icon. Double click it to open Mobile Connect application.
  3. If it requires PIN, enter 1234 (this is the default PIN unless you have changed the PIN). If not, just go to step no 4.
  4. Go to Settings, and select Manual and select Celcom.
  5. Then go to Settings again, select Choose Connection Type and choose 3G only. This is to ensure that the device will only connect to 3G network.
  6. Go to Settings one more time and choose Network Connection Settings.
    i. Click New and enter the profile name. Eg: Celcom 3G.
    ii. Authetication - number: *99#; Username: ; Password:
    iii. DNS Settings choose Dynamic.
    iv. APN and Additional Settings: Static; APN: celcom3g
    v. IP Settings: Dynamic
    vi. Authetication Protocol: CHAP
    vii. WINS Settings: Dynamic
  7. Click on Save button and Ok to accept the configuration.
  8. Finally, click Connect and start surfing with your Celcom 3G broadband.


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