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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gran Turismo 4 PC (4GB) (ps2 emulator)

1 - Mount the image with daemon or power iso
1.1-Do not run the setup of the game
2-Install as Admin (for Vista or Seven users) PCSX2_0.9.7_ file (r3119) _setup
2.2-Do not open the PCS2 0.9.7 after installation is complete
4 - Copy the files located in the folder Code_emulPCSX2? in the mounted image and paste the game folder pcsx2/bios located in my documents. Overwrite if necessary.
5 - Update DirectX if necessary
6 - Open the game folder (mounted image) located in "Code_emul/PCSX2" and click on the application and will open the pcsx2 emulator program
6.1 - Click on Config, and will set up a window with configuration options.
6.2 - Configure the program according to your computer.
For example: In the "Graphics" click on "Configure ..." and do all the configuration options on the tabs according to your computer, not come up with configurations that do not exist in our computer will not work after that.
6.3 - At the configuration window click on "Set Plugin Directory" and select the folder of the plugins located
6.4 - Click now on "Set Bios Directory and select the folder in my documents located bios
6.5 - With all the settings done click OK and go back again the previous image of the beginning of the program, now click on config and then again in Memcards
6.6 - Will open the configuration window Memcards
6.6.1 - And let selected as it is, If the game hates error starting Memcards deactivated because of the marked options
6.7 - Now click on OK, and we will return to start the program again
6.8 - Now click on Run, Run, and will open the game folder to select the game image to work
6.8.1 - When opening the game folder to select the setup-5 and click on OK 


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